So, apparently today is Blue Monday, which I understand means it’s the most depressing day of the year? To combat this compulsory misery, I headed off to Castle Douglas mart and bought myself some sheep!

I’d never really thought about keeping sheep before but the more time I’ve spent around them here on the farm, the more they’ve appealed to me.

The new additions

The new additions

The sheep were part of a breeding ewe dispersal sale at our local mart, Wallets in Castle Douglas, and I’ll admit that I was really, really bloody nervous about bidding in the sale. I know that sounds ridiculous, but these lovely ladies are the first piece of livestock I’ve ever purchased! It’s a pretty big step.

We watched the first few lots, to get an idea of the price I could be expecting to pay, before entering the fray.

I had an idea of the amount I was willing to spend heading in, so I was priced out of the first few lots I bid on. I don’t know if you’ve bid on livestock before, or at any other auction, but it is really exciting and I can see how people can get caught up in it all and pay more than they intended! Thankfully, those hours spent watching Storage Wars finally paid off and I was able to channel my inner Barry Weiss and keep my cool.

The ewes settled in their new home

The ewes settled in their new home

I ended up grabbing myself a bit of a bargain with a lot of 16 Mule ewes. The ewes were a little older than I had originally planned on purchasing, being on their fourth crop of lambs, but this helped me get them at a decent price as everyone seemed to be in the market for younger sheep.

The ladies are due to lamb in early March, so I’m definitely jumping in at the deep end, but I’m sure I’ll learn quickly enough as we go.

I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. Glad I stumbled onto your blog. I am just starting to apprentice to become a shepherdess. It will be nice to read your stories along the way.


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