Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but things have been pretty hectic both on and off the farm in the last couple of weeks.

I’ve had a couple of blog ideas backing up, with very little time to get sat down and ‘put pen to paper’ as it were, so I thought I would do a quick update for you all to catch up.

There’s been a couple of new arrivals on the farm since my last blog, the first being a lovely Suffolk ewe lamb.


Both Iona and I are big fans of black faced sheep (not the breed, just ones with black faces), so I had been keeping my eye open for a pet or orphan lamb to get for Iona.

I spent a few days doing some extra work for a neighbouring farm, helping to vaccinate their lambs against orf, and ended up coming away with a pet ewe in return for the helping hand!

She’s a bonny wee thing and a real escape artist. She was almost weaned when she arrived, so I popped her straight out with the other pet lambs in a makeshift paddock I’d created for them. Unfortunately, any time she heard anyone nearby she would find a way to wriggle out of the paddock. Luckily she just wants the company so just ends up following you around. She even escaped and joined us on our rounds to check on the other sheep!

Iona and the Suffolk doing the rounds

Iona and the Suffolk doing the rounds

Our other new arrival came in the form a new feathered friend for our flock. As I mentioned in a previous blog, some of our hens have gone broody, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover a newly hatched chick in place of one of the many eggs this week!



Mum and chick have been separated from the rest, just to let the little one find its feet without the risk from the other chickens or predators. To begin with it was pretty wobbly and spent most of the time hiding under its mothers wing but now its waddling around quite happily on its own.

The other big change since my last blog is that I am now self employed! I’ve been getting more and more shepherding work off the farm over the last month or so, so the time had come to get registered to ensure I was operating within the law and so on!

It was actually surprisingly easy to do too. I was expecting reams of paperwork and hours of complicated, jargon heavy reading but it was simple and I had registered as self employed within a matter of minutes.

Lambs in for orf vaccine. 750+ done over a week

Lambs in for orf vaccine. 750+ done over a week

I’ve really enjoyed doing extra contract work. It just presents more opportunities for me to work with and learn from others, gain valuable experience and all while helping to keep the bank balance looking healthy!

I’ve got a few more days work planned already and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue to find extra work as word spreads.

It’s been nice to find the time to sit down and get a blog done, but there’s still plenty more new things to share, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks!

5 thoughts on “Suffolks, Surprises and Self Employment

  1. Seems your getting along fine! Congrats. The little blackface is a real beauty. And the chick .-) – I hope there are more to follow.


    • Hey Laurie, glad you enjoyed. I kind of fell into self employment by accident but I’m already working with 3 or 4 local farmers, meaning I’m now working with about 1200 sheep and a couple of hundred cattle on a reasonably regular basis!

      It’s a great way to meet other shepherds and pick their brains and see other ways of working and doing things!


  2. Thanks everyone! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, but as you can probably tell, things have been pretty hectic between the dog, the sheep, off farm work and my degree!

    I really appreciate all the feedback and it’s always nice to see you all regularly commenting! Thanks for sticking with me!


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