We’ve had a busy weekend here on the farm, with a lot of sheep work to get out of the way to clear the calendar for a glut of shearing work that is about to fill my diary!

The lambs were due their second dose of Heptavac P Plus, (lambs get two doses to help bring their immunity levels to a high enough level to sustain them until their pre-lambing booster), so we had two separate groups of sheep to bring in to the yard for vaccinating.

The pet lambs are easy enough to control, meaning we could bring them in with the assistance of a bucket full of creep before running them through the race and dosing them. Dosing was previously a bit laborious, but thankfully I was given a new toy to play with.

My latest gadget

My latest gadget

We’d been given this gun by the vet for BVD vaccinations, but Iona’s dad wasn’t a fan. A quick clean and a new needle were all that it needed and it was good to go, and it made life a whole lot easier.

We’ve enjoyed a hot week here in South West Scotland, with temperatures regularly rising above 20 degrees, so Saturday involved an early start to get the ewes and their lambs in before the temperature got too high.

Pet lambs in the race

Pet lambs in the race

We split off the lambs and the ewes, running the lambs down the race to jag them. I took the opportunity to see how they were looking and check their condition and was so impressed I thought I’d run them back round and through the weigh crate.

We don’t own a crate yet (it’s on the ever expanding shopping list), so we’re really lucky that one of our neighbours lets us borrow his whenever we need to. We’d run them through about 10 days ago, so had an idea how they were getting on, but with the great weather and extra grass growth they had grown about another 5-10kg.

We’ve selected 9 lambs that we’re happy with and they will go to market in about a week, so I’ll probably spend the next 7-10 days fretting and watching the prices.

The selected lambs, looking their best

The selected lambs, looking their best

Once all this was done, we decided to move the pet lambs to some new pasture, with the hope that a field full of long, fresh grass will help them to kick on.

It’s not very often you can move a field of sheep across the farm without the help of a quad bike or a team of good dogs, but this lot are soft and have been raised by us from day one. All it took was a bucket of cake containing their tea, and a rearguard consisting of Iona and the pup to walk them across to their new home.

Iona, with the pet lambs, in their new home

Iona, with the pet lambs, in their new home

Hopefully, this grass will keep them growing and help them catch up with the others. I’ve also picked up some lamb bolus’ from our local ag merchants, so we’re going to give these to the pet lambs, as an experiment.

I’ve got a busy week coming up, with a visit from my grandparents, the Royal Highland Show and some self employed shearing work all on the cards, so things may be a little quiet on the blog but there will definitely be blogs on all these to come in the future.


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