So, the first Follow a Farmer blog proved to be far more popular than I could have imagined, being shared by a whole host of great farmers and the Farmers Weekly, who adopted the idea for their Follow Friday that week. With such great feedback, I’ve decided I’m going to try and make it a reasonably regular feature here on the blog, and to pinch an idea from the Farmers Weekly in return, they’ll be posted on Fridays. Probably not every Friday, as I don’t want to run out of farmers, but maybe once or twice a month? I chose the next farmer because not only is her farming story really interesting but I also see a lot of similarities between our routes in to farming.

Sophie Barnes a.k.a The Shepherdess Abroad

Sophie Barnes a.k.a The Shepherdess Abroad

Like me, Sophie Barnes is a first generation farmer. In her own words, she was a typical city kid who had never stepped foot on a farm in her life. That all changed when she decided to get some work experience during lambing time. At 3 o clock on a cold March morning, she lambed her first ewe and was never the same again. Last year, Sophie made the major move of selling her flock of 300 ewes to allow her to pack her bags and head to the other side of the world to embark on a two year study tour of New Zealand. Sophie has already been travelling around the world (she’s been lambing 3,000 ewes in Germany and is currently in Canada) but in around a week she’ll finally be making the trip to New Zealand that she’s been planning over and over again in her mind for the past few years. Sophie is just one of many great young female farmers out there and it’s really great to see her embarking on such a fantastic trip of discovery. With more and more women entering the industry, with new ideas, fresh approaches and a thirst for knowledge, I think we are going to see some massive changes in farming from my generation.

You can follow Sophie’s incredible journey through her blog, The Shepherdess Abroad or via Twitter @SheepishSophie. In doing so, you’ll get an insight in to the latest farming methods from around the globe from a great ambassador for young farmers, male and female alike.

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